Safe and effective motobike cleaner and maintainer. Imediately removes mud, insect traces and oil dirt. Suitabe for cleaning metal, plastic, rubber, painted and chrome elements. Spray on the surface. After 1-2 minutes rinse with water. Use a brush in hardly accessible palces. In case of very heavy soiling, rinse the surface with water before cleaning. Do not use on heated surfaces.

Plus Mx corporation proceed from passion and years of successful experiences.
The founders of Plus Mx Corporation are the freaks of motorcycle sport with years of experience in business of motorbikes.
Since over 18 years we have sell and serviced each motorcycles classes starting from:
While our career the all models of motorcycles visited our shops and workshops, we met them of every side, we also adviced our customers to choose new dream style of the motorcycle, also we aided to repair and lick into shape and sparkle after heavy race.
For several years we have been running multi- brand showroom of Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Ducati and Triumph.
In that nothing can suprise us, we are real connoisseur, in our veins except for blood coursing also gasoline.
We are a producer of OC1 cleaner, created on the basis of our experience.
Many a time when we have serviced the motorbikes we had a lot of problems with effectively cleaning the bikes, or cleaning it was purgatory.
That is why we have created priorietary formula, make most of our experience, many a time we bring to perfection our product, to be more effective and safety for equipment.
We are more than satisfied with effect.
We present it for you proudly, and we belive it will fulfil your requirements.
The ambassador of our brand is Max Nagl the man, the legend in motocross, who use OC1 cleaner to prepare for championship.
This is the best recommendation and motivation for us to expand the product range.